Rock gardens can offer a relaxing and beautiful space in your yard. Rock gardens can also be low-maintenance. Rock gardens can be used to plant in hard to grow areas or awkward spots in your yard.

The location of your rock garden is key. You might choose a location that is already rocky or choose to import stones into a newly created bed. Rock gardens can either be built into small or large areas.  Rocks that are angular and vary in size are perfect for a rock garden and give a more natural appearance.

In order to prepare the area, lay newspapers on the ground to smother grass or weeds. They will eventually decompose. Outline the entire garden with rocks. Then fill the garden with a layer of sandy soil to provide drainage.

Choose the color scheme and type of plants that suit your area. Avoid putting too many plants or too many types of plants in your rock garden. Leave room for growth.

Fill the remaining cracks between the larger rocks and plants with smaller stones. The plants will fill in and grow over the years.

After all your hard work is done, relax and enjoy your rock garden.

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