You’re getting your first home and finally have the freedom and room to create your own gaming center. Whether in a spare room or your living room you can have the ultimate gaming experience you’ve always dreamed of. Here are seven video gaming station necessities that will keep you in top form:

First things first, a tv stand unit with plenty of room for all of your consoles and game collection. Think about how you would like to show off your collection. By console? By model year? Or alphabetical? Keep this in mind as you choose your shelving so you have plenty of space for your existing games as well as the ones to come.

A cable management system planned ahead of time. Cables are always a pain but when setting up several systems it quickly becomes a nightmare. The good news is there are several ways to organize all those wires. You can use color-coded zip ties, a specially designed cable organizing box or save up those plastic bread tags to label cables. And of course be sure to plug them all into a surge protector.

The ultimate gaming chair is a must for those all-nighters grinding through the latest game. And when sitting in the same chair while logging all those hours you want to make sure the one you choose is comfortable and ergonomic. And, of course, a comfortable couch for gaming with friends. A set that offers recliners, cup holders and USB ports is always a win.

Perfect lighting and reduce eye strain by choosing tinted bulbs that will eliminate glare. Alternatively, paper lantern lamps also create a soft glowing light. If you want to play with more focus for longer this is key. A glare is not only detrimental to your eye health but can also seriously impact your gameplay for the worse.     

The little big things: Prioritize bandwidth with a router with QoS option to prioritize your console for seamless gameplay. Charging stations not only keep controllers ready for gameplay but are also a great way to keep them organized. Surround sound or at the very least a sound bar takes your game experience to the next level by immersing you into your world of choice.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for many reasons, but for many gamers, it also means the ability to finally create the gaming center they’ve always dreamed of. It’s easy to get caught up in creating a theme or pulling it together as fast as possible to get gaming sooner. However, taking the time to create an organized space that prioritizes your health and overall experience you’ll set yourself up for years of peak-performance game plan ahead.

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